(Sample Cutting Equipments)

SALIENT  FEATURE  - This is used for cutting conical shaped sample taken from molten metal for Spectrographic Analysis. Use of Live Molten Samples gives more accurate spectrographic results.


1.     Horizontal cutting with hand wheel which is easy to use.

2.     Job rotation type cutting which is faster

3.     Suitable for integrated steel plants or plants where furnace is used for making direct molten samples.

4.     Cutting and testing of interior of the sample has less impurities and hence gives more accurate results.

5.     Dust extractor as an accessory for keeping sample cool and removing cutting dust.

6.     Special Job holder for conical samples.

7.     Pneumatic clamp and expulsion makes operation very user friendly.


SALIENT FEATURE – For cutting higher diameter  finished samples  such as sections, rounds, square forging castings etc. of ferrous material.


1. OSCILLATION type cutting reduces the arc of contact between the wheel and job minimizes heat generation during cutting operation to avoid distortion of the materials to be tested.

2. Fast cutting action.

3. Coolant can reach the cutting area easily due to the oscillation of the cutting head.

4. Dust proof system for protecting the main spindle shaft.

5. Pulley driven heavy duty motor and arm structure to take the load for cutting of bigger diameters.

6. Automatic wheel feeding arrangement can be provided in the semi automatic version.

7. An option of choosing pneumatic clamping system or manual system with various designs as per job cutting requirement.